2016 Schedule

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Transformations I:

Cinema & Media Studies Research Meets Digital Humanities Tools 

Friday, April 15 – Saturday, April 16, 2016

Department of Cinema Studies,  6th Floor, Michelson Screening Room

Tisch School of the Arts, 721 Broadway

Organized by: Dept. of Cinema Studies, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University
M.A. in Film and Media, School of the Arts, Columbia University; Center for Humanities, NYU.

Participants include: Marsha Kinder (University of Southern California, Eric Hoyt (University Wisconsin-Madison), Mark Williams (Dartmouth University), Debashree Mukherjee (Columbia University), Steve F. Anderson (University of Southern California), Steve Mamber (UCLA), Deb Verhoeven (Deakin University), Vito Adriaensens (University of Antwerp/ Columbia), Antonia Lant (NYU), Jane Gaines (Columbia University), Marina Hassapopoulou (NYU), Kimon Keramidas (NYU).

Program: Friday afternoon- Saturday evening

 Friday, April 15 PM:

2:10-2:30: Welcoming + Antonia Lant (initiator/ NYU) + Marina Hassapopoulou (co-organizer, NYU) + Announcements


  1. Kick-off: State of the Field: Reframing Cinema and Media Studies vs. Digital Humanities


  • Chair: Jane Gaines (conference co-organizer, Columbia) – Intro
  • Marsha Kinder (Emerita Professor, USC), “Digital Frictions: Transmedial Moves through Literature, Film and Multimedia” – 40 minutes
  • Respondent: Anna McCarthy (NYU) – 10 minutes
  • Q&A: 10 minutes
  • Coordinator: Kelsey Christensen
  1. Digital Tools for Interpreting Film and Cinema History


  • Chair: Neta Alexander (NYU)
  • Mark Williams (Dartmouth), “The Media Ecology Project: Online Access to Scholars Adds Value to Media Archives” – 40 mins
  • Response: Alex Gil Fuentes (Columbia) – 10 minutes
  • Q&A: 15 minutes
  • Coordinator: Neta Alexander

4:40-5:15: COFFEE BREAK – Cinema Studies 6th Floor Lounge

3.The Vanguard in Digital Analysis [all Skype panel]

5:15- 6:35

  • Chair: Michael John Tacca (Columbia)
  • Deb Verhoeven (Deakin University), “Big Data Goes to the Movies: Beyond the Itinerary” – 30 mins
  • Steve Mamber (UCLA), “Recent iPad Apps: ClipNotes, Who Shot Liberty Valance?, and 7 Thursdays: Looking at Brief Encounter” – 30 mins
  • Response: Marsha Kinder – 10 mins
  • Q&A: 10 minutes
  • Coordinator: Michael John Tacca


9:00-9:30: BREAKFAST – Cinema Studies 6th Floor Lounge

  1. Kick-off II:

9:30 – 10:30:

  • Chair: Rob King (Columbia)
  • Eric Hoyt (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison), “Arclights and Zoom Lenses: Digital Humanities Methods and Film Historiography” – 40 minutes
  • Respondent: Howard Besser (NYU) – 10 minutes
  • Q&A: 10 minutes
  • Coordinator: Michael John Tacca
  1. Computational Transformations of Film Historiography


  • Chair: Leo Goldsmith (NYU)
  • Jane Gaines (Columbia University), “Counting Vs. Telling” – 25 minutes
  • Debashree Mukherjhee (Columbia University), “Maps, Microhistories and Macroanalysis: Digital Futures of Indian Film Historiography” – 25 minutes
  • Respondent: Mark Newton (Columbia University) – 10 minutes
  • Coordinator: Leo Goldsmith
  • Q&A: 15 minutes
  1. Alternative Publication Platforms & Born-Digital Dissertations


  • Chair: Luke Stark (NYU)
  • Steve F. Anderson (USC), “Platforms and Affordances: The Case for the Cinematic Humanities” – 45 mins
  • Respondent: Luke Stark (NYU) –10 minutes
  • Q&A: 15 minutes
  • Coordinator: Pedro Cabello
  1. Teaching as Research


  • Chair: Marion Thain (NYU)
  • Vito Adriaensens (Columbia/ University of Antwerp), “Young Sherlocks – Sleuthing Film Histories through Blended Learning” – 20 minutes
  • Marina Hassapopoulou (NYU), “The Classroom as Research Environment: Social Media Repurposing and Audience Reception in Cinema Studies” – 20 minutes
  • Kimon Keramidas (NYU), “Prototyping Interactivity and Designing Experience in the Humanities Classroom: Pedagogy, Praxis, and Professionalization” – 20 minutes
  • Q&A: 15 minutes
  • Contact/ Coordinator: Marina Hassapopoulou

3:40-4:15: COFFEE BREAK – Cinema Studies 6th Floor Lounge

  1. Transformations in Critical Making: The Future of Graduate Studies Round Table

4:15- 5:30:

  • Chair: Nicholas Wolf (NYU)
  • NYU Cinema Studies grad students will present work-in-progress
  • Neta Alexander (NYU), “Seeing Discrimination: Data Visualization as a Pedagogical Tool” – 10 minutes
  • Kelsey Christensen (NYU), “Using Tumblr to Create Hypertextual Scholarship” – 10 minutes
  • Da Ye Kim (NYU), “Click to Publish: Social Writing and Archiving as Expanded Research Tools”  – 10 minutes
  • Pedro Cabello (NYU), “The Digital Remix as a Way of Staging a Conclusion” – 10 minutes
  • Jasper Lauderdale (NYU), “Opening the Field: Interactively Documenting the Interactive Documentary” – 10 minutes
  • Respondent: Nicholas Wolf (NYU) – 10 minutes
  • Q&A: 15 minutes
  • Coordinator/ Contact: Jasper Lauderdale

5:45-7:30: Drinks and USC Projects Special Showcase